Find Zen on Vacation

I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.

Aaron and I just returned from a refreshing trip to Maui, Hawaii. As you probably gathered from our Instagram posts (@solvibestudio, @kelseybparker and @mr_ajparker) we soaked up all the sun and adventure we could. We laughed until we cried, we enjoyed fruity drinks and delicious seafood, we ran every day by the ocean, hiked in breathtaking scenery, and went scuba diving at our favorite dive spot.

Here’s why we make traveling a priority (and why you should too):

1. Clear your mind. Between our day jobs (lawyer and pharmaceutical sales rep.)  and our fun job (Sol Vibe), Aaron and I stay pretty busy. (Always Be Selling, right?). We love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. Vacations are a great opportunity to clear your mind from the busyness of everyday life and and live in the present moment. Whether you’re soaking up the sun or a new book, vacations give us more space to clear our heads, so we can return to the real world with an open mind and fresh perspective.

2. Go with the flow. Swimming in the ocean is the most powerful reminder to go with the flow. Each wave crashes into the beach with consistent unpredictability. Like waves, some stages of life let us float comfortably while other big waves tumble us around and cause us to lose our balance. The ocean is the perfect reminder to go with flow and deal with life as it comes your way. All you can do is keep breathing (and keep swimming).

3. Focus on your goals. Vacations help us reevaluate where we’re at and where we want to go. It’s a great time to set short term and long term personal and professional goals, and create a plan of attack.  What do I want to accomplish this year and how am I going to do it? With a clear mind and time to re-center, you’ll be able to evaluate your priorities and be on your way to a positive, successful year ahead.

4. Soak up adventure. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and seek out some adventure! This trip was extra special because two of our best friends finished their scuba diving certification and we were able to dive at the Molokini crater together! (Yay @stephaniemagbuhat and @michaelmagbuhat!) The crater was the first dive Aaron and I did together in 2010. It was the first time we saw a shark up close and personal, watched cleaner shrimp clean a dive instructor’s teeth, swam through caves with turtles, and watched fish swim all around us. Say yes to adventure! Say yes to stepping outside of your comfort zone!

5. You only live once. How cliche, right? Right. Life is so short and precious and you never know what’s coming your way. So, travel, eat a piece of cake, and tell people you love that you love them.

I’d be remiss if the reason I’m writing #5 wasn’t part of this post. After nine days in paradise, our group was sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in, listening to kids giggle, and talking about our plans for lunch when a man ran from the ocean yelling for someone to call 911. A woman had been snorkeling or swimming and was found floating lifeless in the water. Aaron and Mike jumped to go help. Thankfully, Michael was there to help with CPR, along with other health care professionals. The beach was silent. It was as if everyone inhaled and couldn’t physically exhale -- watching, hoping that someone could literally breathe life back into the lady now laying on the beach. In honor of her and her family, be grateful for each breath and live your best life.