Keiser M3i

The Keiser M3i exceeds your expectations in an indoor cycling bike. These specially designed bikes fit riders of all shapes and sizes, providing a quiet, authentic road bike experience. The Keiser M3i uses magnetic resistance to simulate a true road bike ride.Download the Keiser M Series Pro app to log every detail of your ride and watch your progress while in class. 



For such a high-intensity workout, indoor cycling is surprisingly low impact.  Cycling has minimal impact on the hip, knee and ankle joints.  The circular motion allows for proper flexion and extension, while avoiding the pounding often brought on by other activities such as running or traditional aerobics classes.


High Caloric Burn

On average, an hour-long cycling class burns 400-800 calories. The motivational group classes increase energy and tend to improve caloric burn. 


Build Strength

In a cycling class, you'll greatly increase the endurance of the muscles in the legs: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus, and even the calf muscles. Working out these muscles will also help to strengthen the surrounding bones, tendons and ligaments.



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