Remember Tomorrow

In life we have many choices. One of my choices is to avoid writing, probably because in college I was told by my professor to “never write again, you’re terrible at it.” Talk about a compliment!! I’m sure you are wondering, the relevance of this all. Well as Mike Hickey once wrote, “Because like Aaron Parker, I do everything Kelsey asks.” So here I sit, completing the task at hand per Kelsey’s request. Writing my first blog article. As you’ll come to find out, I’m not a great writer, (I’m sure you have noticed already). BUT WAIT, maybe that doesn’t matter???

Soooo (you’re not suppose to start a sentence with so, but I don’t do many things “by thebook”) I’m sure you are dying to know what my biggest takeaways were from Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference. It was just that, growth. Growing to be a better person, a better husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, to be more successful, to be healthier, and challenge your mindset.

Success is not an accident. Success is a choice.

Let’s define success per the interweb… It reads, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” Simple enough right? How many of you thought it only pertains to owning a mansion, a new sports car, or a fancy purse? I sure used to, like most people, I do enjoy having nice things. This conference made me start to question the “norms” of life. Jesse Itzler, broke it down just a little different. It was to simplify. He has 4 buckets in life. 4. Not 10 or 20. Simply 4. If whatever he is doing, doesn’t fall into one of those 4 buckets. He doesn’t do it. EVER. His four buckets are, Family, Wellness, Finances, and Causes (giving back). Talk about simple. We seem to over complicate so many areas in our lives, and I strongly believe that is due to societal pressure. Always needing to be the smartest, the best, or trying to impress each other. What if you stopped caring what the world thinks and become the best you? I’m not anywhere near perfect, and I don’t want to be. That would only mean I have settled, I became complacent. That I stopped improving myself.

Remember tomorrow

We all have a chance in this life for improvement. Why do so many of us become complacent? It easier, that’s why! It’s easier to sleep in, than make it to the gym, it’s easier to do the minimum at work, and it’s easier to just breeze through life, watching TV or playing video games. Can you really put a price on your health? Better question is, why would you want to? I’m not just talking about your physical health either. I am talking about your mental, spiritual, and the health of your relationships. Jesse Itzler said something so profound, that has seemed to alter my life, “Remember Tomorrow.” It will shift the way you think about everything. Remember tomorrow, when you are getting ready to click out of the 5:30am class at Sol Vibe. How are you going to feel if you give up? Don’t let yourself down, remember tomorrow. Before you decide to say something that will hurt someone’s feelings. Don’t let yourself down, remember tomorrow. By striving for the best you today, you will look forward to tomorrow and the choices you have made. With everything you do, remember tomorrow.

Haters are Quitters

Now this is where it gets really tricky. I hope you’re holding on for this one.

Are you ready?

Here goes nothing.

The solution……

Action and execution.

Taking the smallest amount of action can change who we once were, to who we are becoming. Each and every speaker mentioned this, TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. Tai Lopez describes it as the 3 second rule. Questing yourself? Give yourself no more than 3 seconds to think about the task at hand and do it. No questions asked. Just take action. Get out of your own way!

John Maxwell one of the greatest leadership coaches over the last 45 years had much to say on the topic of action. If you want to solve any problem you may have, you must work on it. Everyday, everyday, everyday. He calls it the rule of five. 1. Know what you want (Everyday) 2. Have the right tools (Everyday) 3. Stay Focused (Everyday) 4. Be Consistent (Everyday) 5. Stay with it until you’re finished (Everyday). Could you imagine if you worked on something everyday? Even if you spent 10 minutes on it. You would become an expert at whatever it is you are focusing on within no time.

If there is anything I have learned over the last several years, it would be to take that small step that scares you. Stop worrying about what others may think. I’m sitting here thinking here right now thinking that I shouldn’t send this mess of a blog to Kelsey. But you know what? So what if it sucks, I stepped out of my comfort zone, I took action and I completed it. I’m proud of that!! I put pressure on myself to do something I was scared to do. Of course, it probably sucks, it’s my first one, but look at what I have learned. Whether it’s the worst or the best, it doesn’t matter. I completed it. Not to mention I just proved the 3 second rule works. Just start writing ( Aaron Parker, Tommy Patton)

You have a short while to become the best you. I am rooting for you and I am rooting for me

too. Take action and make it happen.

Remember tomorrow,

Nick Patton

Aaron ParkerSól Vibe