Embracing the Season


I’m Krista. I’m a registered dietitian for Rapid City Area Schools by day and cycling instructor by night. I asked Kelsey if I could be a guest writer and so here I am. :) Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving?! We’re quickly heading into the holiday season!

It’s a time to be thankful, spend time with family, and gather around the table with those closest to us. While this time of year represents gratitude, joy and some of the best food we eat all year, it can also encompass a lot of (unnecessary) stress. Here are some wellness related tips to help you enjoy family get togethers, friendsgivings, work parties, and the next two months in general.

Balance, Moderation, and Mindfulness

If there’s anything that goes out the window during Thanksgiving and Christmas it’s balance, moderation, and mindfulness. But can you really blame us? Ever since we were little, we’ve been encouraged to join the esteemed “Clean Plate Club” at every meal. And then things get even trickier during holidays because there are memories associated with grandma’s pecan pie or that special green bean casserole recipe. And this food is not only delicious, but you want to enjoy it because it’s not around all year. Lastly, mix in the fact that you if don’t take at least some of everything at your work party you might be confronted by your co-worker asking why you didn’t try her new recipe...

So is the solution to hide out and avoid these gatherings all together? Avoid all desserts? Or stuff yourself and feel guilty about it? Nope. None of the above. Actually I think it has more to do with embracing the fact that you’re probably going to overindulge and being okay with it. But then also practicing balance, moderation, and mindfulness between holiday meals/parties.

1. Balance.

Stick to your exercise routine. And if you don’t have one, create one. Does this sound biased because this is a blog for a gym? Hopefully not! I think we can all attest that holding ourselves accountable to our workouts (or just life routine in general) during a super busy time of year can really provide some peace of mind during all the chaos.

2. Moderation.

I’m a firm believer in moderation in all areas of life. Moderation as it relates to Thanksgiving and Christmas could take on many meanings (finances, food, wine, etc.). Have you ever found yourself standing around the smorgasbord gradually grazing for a couple hours? Me too. And it’s totally okay! However, what’s not okay is doing it and then feeling guilty about it (positive vibes only!!). If this tends to be you my tip is to fill your plate (even if that means filing it with small portions of many foods) and then walk away from the smorgasbord and sit down to eat elsewhere. The point being... get what you want, eat it, and (most importantly) don’t give it another thought afterwards.

3. Mindfulness.

Just because there are seven different desserts does not mean you have to try a whole serving of each one. If you know you love good ol’ pumpkin pie and don’t absolutely love the other desserts, then enjoy the heck out of that one delicious piece. Or if you’re like me, you’ll try smaller portions of a couple different kinds (from the middle of the pan of course… can’t be having those end pieces, folks!).

On a non-food related note… I encourage you during this time of year to really be mindful about what you want the next two months to look like. One way I’ve personally been working on this is being intentional with my mornings and also my before bedtime time. It’s incredible what ten minutes of setting an intention for the day and then another ten minutes to reflect at the end of the day can do to your perspective about what’s important in life. We’ve all got something or someone to be thankful for and whether you journal, meditate, pray, or do yoga - bringing these thoughts to the forefront every day can change your outlook and your life.

My hope in sharing this post is that you feel encouraged and excited about the holiday season. There’s no room to be discouraged about what you ate or what you look like. You rock and you are enough. Implement some balance, moderation, and mindfulness in your
life, be grateful for what you have, and embrace this season of life.


Photo Cred: @lovefromsarahpeterson

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