Why WaterRower?

WaterRowers use only water, which swishes around a drum at the front of the machine known as the Water Flywheel. This mimics the natural dynamics of a true water rowing experience. Each motion on a WaterRower is smooth and powerful.  

Full Body Workout

Rowing is a full body workout, utilizing 84% of your muscle mass. Unlike cycling, which is primarily a lower body workout, rowing uses your full body to move through each motion.  Rowing is the perfect compliment to any fitness routine. 


Major Calorie Burn

By spreading work over a wide range of muscles, rowing burns major calories. Other exercises, using fewer muscles, require higher intensities or exercise to achieve the same calorie burn as rowing.  


Low Impact

Rowing is a smooth, flowing action involving little to no impact on the joints. Moving the joints through a full range of motion aids joint lubrication, joint mobility and overall joint health. 



Go with the flow. 

Sol Vibe offers the only WaterRower classes in Rapid City, South Dakota.